Quarantine Life

Hi there friends! How is everyone feeling today?

I wanted my first blog post to be about our new form of lifestyle that everyone is sort of adapting to lately. It has been a weird and hard transition for many of us since we are so use to our productive and busy lives. For me, it has definitely been a struggle. I miss going to the gym and being outside but I found a solution to that. I started working out indoors as well as outdoors in my backyard on nice days and it has helped me regain my energy and focus back. I tried to stay as productive as I can on days when I feel like it, but it’s okay to not feel motivated all the time and just be a couch potato sometimes. Here’s a funny meme I found on the internet which is super relatable. Enjoy!

Hello world!

Hope everyone is taking the right precautions in order to overcome this pandemic. Hard times like this, is the perfect time to reflect and appreciate what we have. We need to keep in mind that many individuals are not in the best situations right now. Many lost their jobs, are fighting COVID-19, have lost someone with it, don’t have food, shelter, etc. Even though we are all social distancing, with just a simple message or phone call you can brighten up someones day. I suggest everyone to catch up with their friends and family and check on their health and most importantly mental health as well. <3